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Brush, Brush, And Brush (Picture Credit: Getty Images) Brushing regularly is the best way to take care of excess hair at the source before it starts blowing around your home or coming out of your cat in the form of hairballs.The Poodle comb has thin teeth that are spread widely apart and are ideal for long-coated cats as they remove tangles and dead hair.

Dealing with shedding feels like an uphill battle to most cat lovers.Many cats love the extra attention that a brushing session allows, so it can be a great way to bond with your kitty.

A good cat brush can help to clear up hair that is loose and which would otherwise shed off of his body.

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From nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance goes a long way.

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The longer hours of daylight just happen to coincide with the warmer temperatures, but it is the length of day that prompts your pets to start shedding their hair.It is true that dogs and cats tend to shed more during the spring and summer, but it is not because of the heat.

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From the root, the hair grows rapidly then slowly, and finally there is a resting period.

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While grooming is one obvious tactic, the experts weigh in on how to.Siamese cats tend to be slender in all respects.

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Shop latest cat shedding brush online from our range of Dog Grooming at, free and fast delivery to Australia.Professional pet rake can quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair.Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb or rake.Stainless steel of Shedding edge.

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Check Out The Amazing Shed Ninja - Pet Grooming - 2 in 1 Shedding Brush For Dogs and Cats SHINIER HEALTHIER FUR IN JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY with Shed Ninja Pet Grooming dog brush for shedding.

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The Oster ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool is also a great brush to use for your reducing shedding on your dog.

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