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The pilot must keep firing the burner at regular intervals throughout the flight to ensure that the balloon continues to be stable.

The balloon, carrying a pilot and 24 passengers, landed in a field.A classic balloon game perfect for indoors for one or more children, with the aim to simply keep the balloon in the air and not let it touch the ground.

Go on a romantic, adventurous and thrilling hot air balloon ride over the beautiful landscapes of Barossa.He and his team of professional fully licensed Commercial Pilots will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the flight scenery around you, knowing you are in safe and qualified hands.These could be customized and designed using markers or oil pastels.Enjoy a morning floating up up and away with Hot Air Balloon Cairns and then with a free connecting transfer to Cairns city waterfront and a delicious breakfast at Shangri-La Hotel.

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He has been a hot air balloon pilot for 27 years and has sailed all over the world.

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We have partnered with operators who share our passion and all tours, accommodation and attractions are carefully selected to deliver outstanding service.

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A glorious sunrise over the plains of Bagan with balloons dotted over the horizon.Adelaide Botanic Garden offers eight gardens, a wetland and a forest, as well as architectural marvels like the Bicentennial Conservatory and the Santos Museum of Economic Botany.

Kiff, our pilot and guide, knows everything about hot air balloons.

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Balloons Above the Valley has been flying hot air balloons in the Napa Valley since 1976.We wrote a prelude To our own fairy tale And bought a parachute At a church rummage sale And with a mean sewing machine And miles of thread We sewed the day above L.A.Spend a memorable day in the Yarra Valley, beginning with a magical hot air balloon flight at sunrise.Hot-air balloons are commonly used for recreational purposes.

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