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After sleeping on 56 pillows, we found the best for most side-sleepers.Side sleeping is the most common position, choose a pillow to provide you with firm support and spinal alignment.For those of us who sleep on our sides, we may find that the average pillows are too flat to provide sufficient head support.Make sure you have a really good pillow under your head at night, one suited to your preferred sleep position.

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Side sleepers will be most comfortable on a firm or extra-firm pillow.

The Luxury Side Sleeper Natural Latex Foam and Down Alternative Pillow is designed specifically for side sleepers, and its unique shape is more like a crescent than your standard rectangular.Side Sleeping is considered to be the healthiest position of all.

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This is because this position lets the user enjoy proper spinal alignment.

Softer pillow types like down tend to collapse under the weight of your head during the night.It is most suitable for traveling because of its compact size and shape, where you wish to take power naps.

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The side sleeper contour pillow is great for side sleepers with the perfect shape and ear pockets.The goal of using a high-quality side sleeper pillow is to keep your head in neutral alignment, meaning your head is sitting squarely on your shoulders without bending back or reaching forward.Sleeping on the side is the most common position and requires some extra firmness and support to avoid any body aches.

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When most individuals assume about receiving a pillow, they typically only seem for one particular that is relaxed.

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Use the height inserts to fine tune the pillow to your specific comfort level.This will support the back of your head and the neck so that you feel comfortable lying down on your side.The Remedy Side Sleeper Contour Pillow is the best pillow for back, neck, and shoulder for various reasons.This memory foam pillow is ideal for side sleepers and those who have issues with allergies.

Nowadays sleep experts know more than ever about what it takes to be totally comfortable, and about just how important that can be.

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This is because these pillows were intended for people who sleep on their backs or their stomachs, whereas those who sleep on their sides will have their head lifted by their shoulders.

The Side Sleeper Pillow has fully adjustable height inserts made from our proprietary mix of shredded visco elastic memory foam.

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